Reward for Beta Players


Dear Players, this regulation deals with Rewards for Beta Players. If you are one of our special invited to try New Tales of Pirates Beta, you can receive incredible rewards for your help.

  1. Players who play the New Tales of Pirates Beta between 2/21/20 and 3/8/20 at 11:59pm and reach lvl 40 or higher will be able to choose one of the rewards found on Rewards for Beta Players.

  2. The following player infos will be checked: 
    Full name;
    Date of birth;
    Confirmation of Whatsapp or number phone;
    Account name;
    Level obtained;
    Char name;
    IP validation;

  3. To receive his reward the player must fill out the registration form reward request between 02/24/20 and 03/10/20 at 11:59pm;

  4. 1 reward pack to each IP will be available;

  5. Rewards will be delivered to players within 5 days of the official opening of the New Tales of Pirates server;

  6. Accounts with any type of irregularities or illegals will be automatically disqualified to receive rewards;