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As histórias e lendas são passadas de geração em geração há aproximadamente 5 mil anos. A temática dessas lendas foram modificadas ao longo dos séculos até chegar nos tempos mais atuais tendo como tema principal a pirataria (piratas). Com um gráfico muito bem desenhado e tridimensional ”3D”, o jogo New Tales Of Pirates impressiona por oferecer diversão sem exigir um computador/notebook de alto desempenho. O cenário do jogo é extremamente diversificado, proporcionando uma experiência única ao jogadores, que podem desfrutar das cidades, florestas ou até mesmo explorar os mares em New Tales Of Pirates.

New Tales of Pirates is an MMORPG

A brief introduction to beginners

The story of Tales of Pirates tells us that many years ago, the inhabitants of the western continent elected St. Ascaron as their King, and after several and several lineages of kings, all the races on the continent were finally living together in peace. However, disagreements about profits, with whom most of the money was supposed to be left, started soon after what the magicians predicted, leading to many wars that once again destabilized the entire continent. Two thousand years later, after many painful and bloody battles, the continent of Ascaron "Argent" was divided into three main countries, (Argent - Shaitan - Icicle) fighting each country for its own ideals.

História de Tales of Pirates

Battles on land and open sea

New Tales of Pirates offers a vast and incredible universe that holds players' attention in front of the computer for hours and hours. Being able to battle on land the famous pvp's or arenas, players do not get tired, always in search of more insane battles, between 1 x 1 or Guilds vs Guids known as also (clans) and can reach epic battles of 80 players against another 80 Players. In addition, New Tales of Pirates has a battle system between islands in PK mode, which follow the RTS genre (real-time strategy), allowing players to get involved in the expansion of each island or territory explored, in order to win your opponents.

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CIDADES – História de Tales of Pirates

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Commerce City - Argent City

The city of Argent is by far the busiest in Ascaron, Argent, is always full of rich traders with their tempting offers of various and different items, having a competition between playing against players with absurd negotiating power. The city has its own port, which attracts navigators from all over the world in search of rare exchanges in their regions.

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Invention City - Shaitan City

Located north of the Magic Ocean, the city of Shaitan is newly built with roads and alleys filled by devotees of the goddess Kara, as its sanctuary is in the northern region of the city of Shaitan. Also in that city, lives the only man who holds the secret of item forging, Blacksmith.

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Snow Covered Land - Icicle City

In the story of Tales of Pirates, Icicle is known for pro-players isolating themselves from other players in a way found for better negotiation in the local chat that takes place in the game, making negotiations for incredible items won after many battles and fights, Icicle ended up making it a point of exchange and high level. All the glamor that Icicle represents attracts many looks, yet it has never become the main city on the map. The city is filled with ice that dominates most of the city leaving the city incredible with a mystery of generations and generations making it a hostile environment, avoided by most people. In addition, many undead hide in the alleys of abandoned buildings, awaiting the passage of unprepared travelers.

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